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Wouldn't it be nice if it was possible to have the great tube amp mids and great bass and real dynamics. Wouldn't it also be nice if the noise floor could be lowered to reveal lost micro-dynamic details, clean up the tone, and increase resolution.

Fitting a BorderPatrol PSU to your tube amplifier will achieve all those things.

The dynamic limitations of tube amplifiers are mainly a result of soft high voltage supplies which collapse when working hard causing early compression, lack of composure and over-blown, loose bass.
The BorderPatrol PSU provides a stiffer high voltage supply, tightening the bass and improving the overall dynamics and power delivery of the amplifier. Your tube amp will now remain in control on complex musical passages and reveal interplay between musicians that was previously blurred and ill-defined. The effect is as though the amp went away to a fitness farm and came back 40lbs lighter, stronger and more athletic.

Most high voltage supplies provide little or no (RF) noise rejection, and many actually create noise themselves. This noise pollutes the noise floor, burying vital micro-dynamic information and dirtying the tone. The BorderPatrol PSU uses noise free tube rectification and a high inductance choke to kill RF and produce a pure, clean supply.

Almost all tube amplifiers will be substantially improved, including those that already use tube rectifiers and chokes in their power supplies (e.g. Audio Note Meishu, Quest series, Kit1/3 and Art Audio Diavolo models which use them in a capacitor input configuration).

The BorderPatrol PSU works with most EL34, 6L6, 5881, EL84, 300B, 'Super 300B', 2A3 and some 6550 amplifiers. If you are unsure about the suitability for your amplifier, please E-mail BorderPatrol

Alan Sircom Hi-Fi+ great review of the BorderPatrol MB PSU/PureSound A30 combination. Both items are previous winners of Hi-Fi+ Product of the Year awards and make an excellent combination. This is a definite case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts.

Click here to view the review in Adobe PDF format

Now this isnít a subtle change in performance, or a musically trivial one. It isnít cosmetic or a question of taste. It cuts right to the heart of the ampís function and creates better, more credible music.'
Roy Gregory Hi-Fi+ Jan 02 EDITORS CHOICE 

'In every instance the Border Patrol effect was nothing short of a transformation. Bass solidified, imaging became significantly more three-dimensional and substantial, and the power-supplied amp made the regular version sound, quite literally, a mess.'
Jason Kennedy Hi-Fi Choice April 97

 Hi-Fi+ 2001 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR awards issue.


Upgrade to MB PSU. If you are the lucky owner of a Border Patrol PSU it can be upgraded to the high performance MB version . If you thought the standard unit was good, wait until you hear the MB supply. Even if your amplifier theoretically does not need the extra current capability, the conversion will produce a substantial sonic improvement. Contact BorderPatrol for more information .
Amplifiers Converted. (click on active links for installation instructions)   Recent conversions: Mactone 300B, Cayin 50T

Puresound A30            
Audio Note
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SJS Arcadia 1 and 2 pre-amplifiers.

Unison Research Simply 1/Simply 2
World Audio Design K5881mk1/mk2 |
300B PSE mono-blocks .
General: 300B/VV30B/2A3/6B4G/EL84/EL34/6L6/5881 push-pull or single-ended amplifier

Output Voltages: (selected internally)  approx 310V, 380V, 420V.
Max Current: 350mA MB
Input voltages: 0-220-230-240V or 0-110-115-120V
Dimensions: 345 x 220 x145mm
Shipping weight: 15kg (MB)