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In typically understated British fashion, UK loudspeaker manufacturer Living Voice has changed everything about their Auditorium Avatar range of loudspeakers, but from the outside you would never know! The new models, now in R3 guise, sport new cabinets, new drive units, new crossovers and new (reduced) prices but are visually identical to their predecessors.
Is this yet another cunning stealth attack by the British audio industry or a testament to the restrained elegance of the beautifully made and opulently veneered compact cabinets which seem to impossibly squeeze delicious sound and ridiculous specs from their modest dimensions? With overall sensitivity of 94dB/W, a uniform average 6 Ohm load and bandwidth below 40Hz they might not be breaking any laws of physics but they are seriously bending them.

Each model has a natural tonality, dynamic uniformity and a non-fatiguing, relaxed musicality which effortlessly draws you into a performance and ensures long term musical satisfaction whilst the Living Voice Avatar IBX-RW3 and Living Voice Avatar OBX-RW3 are arguably the most musically accomplished compact loudspeakers available today.

With the British Pound at almost record lows against the US Dollar, there has never been a better time to buy Living Voice loudspeakers.

ModelOld PricesNew PricesReduction

Living Voice Auditorium R3R

Cherry / Black / Maple / Rosenut / Walnut$4800$4100$700
Review by 6moons.com   
Living Voice Avatar R3   
Cherry / Black Ash / Maple / Rosenut / Walnut$5950$5130$820
Santos Rosewood$6400$5425$975
Review by Hi-Fi+   
Living Voice Avatar IBX-R3   
Cherry/ Black Ash / Maple / Walnut$6975$6150$825
Santos Rosewood$7375$6495$880
Burr oak$7625$6925$700
Living Voice Avatar IBX-RW3   
Cherry/ Black Ash / Maple / Walnut$9950$8850$1100
Santos Rosewood$10200$9000$1200
Burr oak$10475$9575$900
Reviews: The Audiobeat by Roy Gregory  
Haute Fidelite by Dominique Mafrand (French) English Translation
Living Voice Avatar OBX-RW3
(with external crossovers)
Cherry/ Black Ash / Maple / Walnut1182511250$575
Santos Rosewood1222511500$725
Burr oak1247511935$540
Reviews  6moons.com   
Living Voice Loudspeakers Price Reduction

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