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 We design and manufacture state of the art tube audio electronics that delight music enthusiasts worldwide with their natural tone and vivid dynamics.

Our amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and power supplies have garnered accolades and awards from some of the most prestigious audio publications.

Originally founded in 1991 in Hove, UK, BorderPatrol has been based in Waldorf Maryland USA since 2005.


Review of the BorderPatrol USB DAC
by Steve Guttenberg C-Net

Steve Guttenberg mugshot'Right away I knew the BorderPatrol wasn't just another digital converter; there was more life, more body and soul to the sound of files.'

'Once I stopped comparing and just listened, I fell in love with the sound. The BorderPatrol DAC has a musicality that you just don't get from everyday digital gear.'
Steve Guttenberg C-Net

BorderPatrol DAC review by Steve Guttenberg at C-Net

BorderPatrol DAC review in Part Time Audiophile.

AV Showrooms Certificate of Achievement
 Capital Audiofest 2016.
BorderPatrol/Triode Wire labs/Living Voice.

'OK, so this isn’t really a new product introduction, but I was so blown away by the BorderPatrol S20’s performance with Volti Audio’s Vittora speaker system that I just had to include it here. Two 300B power triodes are paralleled per channel to deliver 18Wpc. The overall layout is dual mono. Massive dual external power supplies are used. Designer Gary Dews offers several power supply options with the EXC+EXS representing the ultimate configuration—weighing in at 90 pounds each in copper casework and extensive cryogenic treatments. The rest of the setup in the Volti Audio room included: BorderPatrol’s DAC1, CEC TL3N belt drive CD transport, and Triode Wire Labs cabling. A gem of a system'.
Dick Olsher Rocky Mountain Audiofest 2015  BEST IN SHOW (COST NO OBJECT)

What's Best Forum (WBF Forum)

Axpona 2017
BorderPatrol/Volti Audio/Triode Wire Labs
Report by Al Moritz

Capital Audiofest 2016

Border Patrol wins the "Peace and Crickets" prize for Best Sound two
shows in a row from
Herb Reichert Stereophile

In my report from the 2016 AXPONA, I wrote a whole blurb about how I thought the Border Patrol room had the best sound of show, but I couldn't turn it in because I had forgotten to take photos. (Sorry Gary Dews.) This time, however, Gary had two rooms and maybe they both will win that honour. The loudspeakers were different in each room, but the sound quality and music quality were equally wonderful in both.........
Border Patrol might win my "Peace and Crickets" prize for Best Sound two shows in a row.
Herb Reichert Stereophile
Capital Audiofest 2016.

'All in all, a fantastic sounding room from some of my favorite audio conspirators, and easily one of the very best sounds at AXPONA this year. Again.' Scot Hull Part Time Audiophile



'I cheerfully confess that this DAC has been the most entertaining thing to hit my rack in years. The performance easily earns the BorderPatrol DAC SE an Editor’s Choice award, but also puts it firmly into Best of the Year territory. An absolute must-listen.' Scot Hull, Part Time Audiophile

'The SE300B is packed up for shipment back to BorderPatrol, and I'll miss it a lot. I was impressed with its great bass coupled with soundstage definition that is so hard to achieve. During my review the amp worked perfectly and gave the impression that it will last for many, many years. The output tubes are expensive, but the rest of the tubes are moderately priced and that counts for something when you're looking for a long-term amplifier relationship.'
Mark Blackmore THE AUDIO BEAT


'What the Border Patrol EXD/EXS combination does superbly well is to establish what may be an industry benchmark in reproducing the correct and fully developed tonal envelope for every instrument and voice played through it. It just gives music a sense of rightness in this critical aspect of realism that places it firmly in the playing field with the finest 300B SET amps of the day.' Steve Marsh 6-Moons

'The P20 is a mightily impressive amplifier and one that explodes the triode myth. Once again, it proves that it's not what you use but how you use it that counts. Good engineering will win out. I've listened long and hard to the push-pull Border Patrol and still haven't got its full measure.'
Roy Gregory Hi-Fi+

BorderPatrol Audio Electronics
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