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Now available in new improved SEi specification with Jensen Paper in Oil signal coupling capacitors for an even more natural and organic sound.

BorderPatrol Digital to Analogue Converter

Natural, sweet, open and organic are not words usually used to describe digital electronics but those were the design goals for the BorderPatrol DAC. Too many digital audio products sound processed, unnatural and uninvolving and this is particularly true of many of the new generation of hi-resolution delta-sigma DAC's.

The BorderPatrol DAC uses a R2R DAC chip with no oversampling and no digital filtering fed from a very sophisticated choke input, tube rectified power supply to produce one of the natural, 'un-digital' sounds its possible to hear.
Many owners have said this is the first DAC that they can listen to for long periods without irritation or fatigue and that lets them emotionally connect to digital music for the first time.
Several vinyl diehards are now happily streaming and playing CD's after previously giving up on digital audio.
This relatively low cost DAC is equally at home in affordable audio systems or in esoteric systems such as the BorderPatrol/Volti/Triode wire labs systems costing tens of thousands of dollars that it frequently finds itself in at shows.

All things considered and in the grand scheme of DAC's, this makes the BorderPatrol DAC SE a very special character and one I recommend you give more than an ear. If you're anything like me, or Herb Reichert who remains one of my favourite writers (and people) your ears, heart and mind may tell you the same thing--- Julie Andrews be damned! This is the sound of music!
Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines

This little BorderPatrol DAC is a stunning success when it comes to achieving the design goals of sounding natural, sweet, open and organic. If you quit listening critically and just enjoy the performance, I think like me, you will discover that this DAC allows a degree of emotional involvement that you just don't get from even some of the most expensive digital devices.
Jack Roberts, The Audio Beatnik

"In many respects, the DAC SE is a digital cousin to my Denon DL-103R and Ortofon SPU phono cartridges. I’m a proud owner of both, and now of the DAC SE. I encourage you to seek out an audition because you may become an owner of this bargain-priced DAC too."
Mark Blackmore, The Audio Beat

'I cheerfully confess that this DAC has been the most entertaining thing to hit my rack in years. The performance easily earns the BorderPatrol DAC SE an Editor’s Choice award, but also puts it firmly into Best of the Year territory. An absolute must-listen.'

If you’ll pardon the hyperbole, at $1,850 with all the bells and whistles, this DAC blows the doors off of just about everything else. And no, not just in its weight class. I mean “just about everything else”. To clearly better it, I have to go to extraordinary lengths (and budgets) — and that’s crazy.
Scot Hull, Part Time Audiophile

'Right away I knew the BorderPatrol wasn't just another digital converter; there was more life, more body and soul to the sound of files.'
'Once I stopped comparing and just listened, I fell in love with the sound. BorderPatrol has a musicality that you just don't get from everyday digital gear.'
Steve Guttenberg C-Net

My budget-favorite (~$1,000) is from BorderPatrol, whose “entry-level” DAC certainly doesn’t sound entry-level. It has to be one of the most wild and open-sounding I’ve ever come across— and by “open sounding”, I mean, “makes most other DACs sound broken”. It’s a little breathtaking, really, but never in that fatiguing kind of way.
Scot Hull Part Time Audiophile

Vocals with BP DAC SE are exemplary. The BP DAC SE beyond the digits retrieves the unadulterated emotion of the musical event.
Doug Schroeder DaGoGo

Available as USB only, SPDIF(COAX or COAXIAL) only or switchable USB + SPDIF(COAXIAL). The USB version of the DAC also features a SPDIF output which enables it to function as a very high quality USB to SPDIF converter.

An SPDIF or COAXIAL digital output is found on all CD transports and almost all CD players.
COAXIAL SPDIF outputs are also found on some music servers and streamers.

For all enquiries please contact: Gary Dews
Tel/Fax: +1 301 705 7460     
E-Mail bp@borderpatrol.net

BorderPatrol Audio Electronics c/o Kaja Music Systems Waldorf  Maryland  USA

Available with asynchronous USB input, SPDIF(COAX) input or switchable USB + SPDIF(COAX).

No over-sampling (NOS), no digital filtering R2R DAC chip with no output buffering.

High quality signal capacitors couple the chip to the output of the DAC. Copper metal chassis.

Plays files up to 24/96kHz via USB or SPDIF(COAX)
including TIDAL Master recordings.

Tube/solid state hybrid choke input filter power supply featuring over-sized power transformers, high speed low noise diodes with resistor-capacitor snubbing, a high inductance choke and a EZ80 tube rectifier.
he USB/SPDIF and DAC cards each have independent voltage regulation.

To our knowledge, BorderPatrol is the only
company applying tube rectification and
choke input filtering to digital circuits.

The SEi version features a novel BorderPatrol twin transformer power supply system (as used in the BorderPatrol EXS amplifier PSU's), Jensen Paper in Oil capacitors and an ELNA Cerafine power supply capacitor.

Dimensions: W x D x H: 9 x 7x 3in (226 x 173 x 78mm)
Weight: 6.6lb/3kg
USB or SPDIF(COAX) only$995$1350
USB + SPDIF(COAX) (switchable)$1495$1850

Free shipping to mainland USA.

220V-240V versions available for European and Asian markets.
International Buyers please purchase using PayPal below. An additional invoice will be sent to you to cover shipping which costs $50-75 to most destinations.